Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Spring Loaded Trampoline Park at TSR (Texas Ski Ranch)

This place is AWESOME! 

We kind of stumbled upon it right before Christmas, but you can't miss it!  Even grown ups can play!

Slide on your socks down the lanes...

The twins had their own unique style too.

My "little" brother could somehow slam his body against the vertical trampoline and land on his feet.  It's a lot harder than it looks!

We all had a ball!

"Watch out, Mary Claire!  Uncle Hunter is about to bounce you REALLY high!"

Some of us could do amazing flips (& some couldn't....count me in that category)!

Or you could do moves of a cheerleader....gone wild!

Dodge ball is super fun on the really bouncy section!

Annabelle decided to not get hit she should just collect as many balls as possible.

Ms. Jessica showed off her skater skills by running up the sides of the wall!

This is Holly.  She's the head "bouncer!"

Watch out for Max!

Forrest was the maintenance man while we were there.

There is also a spring floor for all kinds of things.  It may be volleyball, or making mat forts.  Whatever!

Arcade games are fun too!

If you can, watch Forrest do some AMAZING flips!

My nephew prefers to search out the minuscule pieces of flint and remove them from the lanes.

Have you ever heard of an Indo board? 

The staff at TSR lets your try them, and they were really nice about letting each girl try!

Definitely check out this place if you live close!  They have a really good restaurant there too.  In the warmer months you can eat and watch the wakeboarders ride the cable lake!

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Chris@mcnabbville.com said...

Great pics. I contacted the park to ask them for the name of the pad manufacturer on the blue pads but I have not received a reply. Can your higher res photos clue me in on the name of the company with the "USA logo" on the blue pads? I can almost make them out but it is a bit blurry.