Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Green Drink

Dr. Oz has this green drink that he swears by.  I've been curious and really wanted to try it out.  Jessica was the push I needed.

I had to make a special trip the grocery store for some of the ingredients.  Ginger root anyone?

Lot's of chopping, and lots of curious girls.

I usually try to take these little Greens Plus pills to make sure I get enough greens in my diet.  Looking at the comparison....the pill looks SO much easier!

Lots of blending...yes, blend/process really well!

Here goes....

She actually tasted it!!! 

The verdict....

Hmmmm.....  Jacqueline went for it & tried it to.  She thought...okay, but not wanting anymore.

Well, we all tried it.  It's not great, but it's not terrible.  I'll aim to drink the mix tomorrow.  It kind of tastes like apples with lemon IF you can just get over the fact that you're drinking a BRIGHT green mixture.  I feel like Superman drinking kryptonite.  I try to be healthy, but this may be a little much for something on a regular basis.

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