Friday, December 23, 2011

A Caroline Day

Caroline has been asking to do go ice skating for awhile now.  I finally had the perfect opportunity to take her without her sisters.  We each invited a friend (me and her), and off we went.

We initially began with one injury (poor Jessica) while putting on the skates.  We're from TX, ice skating is all new, so I guess we learned ice skates can be dangerous!

Caroline's friend Grace

First time on ice for Grace, and Jessica is attempting to help.  Again, we're Texans.  Ice skating is not the norm, so Jessica and I are not real stable either!

The result!  Oops!  No injuries though.

Caroline and Grace mastered the art of wall walking!

& Caroline caught on after awhile.

Grace decided the best way to skate was on her knees.

If I would have known how bad I looked, I wouldn't have been so proud!  LOL!

Don't you love the blue plastic skates?  Haha!

The girls were mesmerized by the ice machine!  This was ALL so new!

Watch out Olympics!  Here comes Jessica!

Slow and steady....

Caroline shocked me with her independence and determination.  She really did LOVE it!  Maybe we'll go again soon.

Hopefully everyone is able to spend some special time with your kids this break.  I'm so blessed this holiday season that we are so physically & emotionally healthy.  I have friends who I think about constantly who are struggling this season.  It makes me so sad for them, and kind of feel guilty for all that is good in my life.

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