Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday, Sunday!

I was not feeling up to par most of the week.  I got NO sewing accomplished.  It wasn't until this Sat that my mom finally came over and took one look at me and said, "You have the flu".  Duh!  It should have been obvious!  So after a trip to Dr. Oz's website, I sent her off for Elder Berry pills.  FYI......THOSE WORK!!!  Sunday afternoon, I finally got some energy back!

Here are some snapshots of a Sunday with 5 girls:

Me: Mary Claire, where are your eyes?
Mary Claire:  They're hiiiiidddddiiiiinnnngggg!"

Of course Annabelle wanted to try on the helmet to!

(Of course the purpose of the helmet....that's to come.)

Then Caroline took off with a friend to a "Tiara and Tea" event for the Rodeo Queen and Princesses. 

I/John (okay mostly John) wrote a funny introduction for her.
"And now introducing Caroline Elizabeth Ewald.  Although her personality would more closely resemble that of one of the stepsisters, Caroline will no doubt be sporting the classic yet elegant dinner-gown of that most famous of princesses, Cinderella.

Caroline’s unfettered mistreatment of her FOUR younger sisters and her dubious reputation among her peers naturally led her mother to choose mixed martial arts for her exercises.  A pastime for which she has taken to quite naturally.

Surprising to her parents as well as her teachers, Caroline continues to make straight A’s in school, causing one to question the effectivity of today’s education system.

Caroline loves her cat Max, although the feeling is unshared by her feline friend.  On several occasions Caroline’s parents have found Max bound to unmovable objects throughout the house dressed to play the part of the foe in many an imaginary tale.

So take a good look at Caroline in her beautiful Cinderella gown.  For the next time you see her she just might be wearing this same ensemble, albeit torn, in a tree with no shoes.  Or with a mud pie convincing her sisters it is chocolate cake."

As the sweet husband cleaned out the garage, Caroline found my Elf on the Shelf we have had for years, but I never bothered with doing.  She INSISTED we get it out.  She tried herself, but getting it out of the package without touching it was tough!  As far as a name....nothing I picked she liked (go figure).  Jacqueline busts out with "Colin", and she loved it.  Huh!  Where is that from?

So the girls are rummaging through my Christmas boxes, and Jacqueline finds a tree skirt.  What to do with it?  Wear it, of course!

My poor hubby had to clean the garage out himself because I was under the weather.  The good news...I'm reorganizing my materials!  I can't wait!

Can't forget the baby!  Her favorite pastime these days is trying to unwrap presents and pull up on everything!  Shiny paper is just too appealing!

My sweet friend, Jessica, made all the girls some scarves.  We LOVE them!  They're the perfect size, but most important....they're PINK!  Thanks, Ms. Jessica!

Growing TOO fast!  (Almost SEVEN!)

Nothing better than a lift from your big sister!

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