Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Cookies

I thought I may skip it this year, but I went ahead and bit the bullet.  We decorated Christmas cookies today.  WHAT A FEAT!

Our end products speak for themselves!  (YUM!)

From 2011-12-20

Most everyone knows,  I'm not a fan of kitchen time, so I did the best I could.  I added the butter, eggs, a little extra flour, and ........COOKIES!

From 2011-12-20

Okay, not that easy.  LOVE my mixer (a Christmas gift a few years ago)!  One bowl of mess & dough is finished!

Yes....the cutting of the cookies.  Oh boy!  I know, probably should have let the girls help, but I'm a neat freak!  This mess is SO hard for me to swallow, but I did it!

Only afterward did my friend, Nicole, mention that I should have chilled the dough.  UGH!  Better remember that next time.

Not too shabby!  I started off with pretty trees and candy canes, but quickly resorted to blobs!  The girls didn't mind!

We had a ball (despite my kitchen being turned upside down....kept telling myself...once a year, once a year....)!  Mary Claire could never quite add enough goodies on the top!

Caroline was an artist about hers.

Jacqueline liked to cover every square inch with something yummy.

(I didn't picture Annabelle, but she preferred color schemes on her cookies....i.e. all pink, all red, etc.)

Ms. Jessica came (THANK YOU!!!!) and was awesome with the icing can.

And we made LOTS of sweet tooth satisfying cookies for the neighbors!

Then we sent the husband and bigger 2 girls off to deliver!  Phew!

Until next year.....

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Mommy Gray said...

So cute! I can't wait for those days!